What do real customers
say about Partender?

"Outstanding app & service! I haven't been this excited about a bar product in 25 years."

"The bartenders were so happy and amazed at how easy it was. It took less than 30 minutes...closer to the advertised 15 minutes."

"The customer support for this app is far and away the best I've had with any app ..."

"Partender took inventory time from 6 hours down to 15 minutes. Now, I have time to focus more on customers."

- Gabriel Tree, one of Partender's first customers

Owner, The Jones

Gainesville, FL


Boston Pizza, AB, Canada

"Inventory takes less than 15 minutes now. It used to take 2 hours with 3 people counting, for a total of 6 labor hours. We reduced pars in half after realizing we were carrying way too much. Our average order went from $700 to $300."

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 2.58.05 PM.png

The Rumpus Room, Milwaukee

"Inventory was a 6-8 hour process and that was with 2 people managing it. Now it's probably 1 hour with 2 users doing it. Now with consistent numbers, we can better manage our cash flows. The intangibles are a phenomenal benefit."

NIOS, New York

"We love Partender. Overall, we were able to significantly increase our bottom line by reducing our on-hand inventory and lowering our beverage cost. Our average beverage cost was running at about 25%, and now our liquor cost is 17%, wine is 19%, and beer is 15%. And it was the automated purchase order that helped us optimize our pars. Before Partender, we had to manually update spreadsheets with pars and prices and it was time consuming to keep things organized. Now, not only is inventory faster, but our overall purchasing and reporting process is more efficient. We have reduced total monthly labor time from 24 hours to just 4 hours per month.

We're living in 2017, and sadly, the hospitality industry is still using systems that are over 20 years old. It's nice to see companies like Partender changing the old standards. It's nice to see a company who understands this generation and embraces technology."

- Alejandro C., Assistance General Manager


Georgetown Marriott, D.C.

“We were hemorrhaging beverage costs at 45%. It would also typically take us 4 hours to do one inventory session. I discovered Partender by searching on the app store and thought it was so user-friendly. Now, it takes us just 15 minutes to do inventory, which we do at least twice a week. We stopped running out of things, and thanks to Partender, we managed to get beverage costs down to 20% in a matter of months."


Hops & Hominy, San Francisco

“As a user of this product it does decrease inventory time dramatically and causes me to do it more often. The price of the product is recouped very easily as inventory management eventually pays for itself. We used to do a monthly inventory and now it's weekly.”

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 7.00.07 PM.png

Multnomah Whiskey Library, Portland, OR

“The Library has over 1400 bottles; we literally have to climb ladders to make cocktails. Bar inventory used to take 35 labor hours! That was just the counting. Analyzing the data and creating an order was another 2 hours of management time. Now, inventory takes 6 people less than 2 hours and an order is automatically generated.”


Whiskey Park, New York

"Whiskey Park’s beverage cost before using Partender was high, around the mid 20's, and would fluctuate greatly each time I did monthly inventory. After I started to use Partender at the bar my overall beverage costs have dropped and our cost of sales are more consistent. It’s now under 20% consistently. It’s great to be able to see via the website what products are selling more than others – this has helped sell off dead stock."

Mellow Mushroom Spring TX.jpg

Mellow Mushroom, Spring, TX

"Our beverage cost fluctuated every week between 25 and 30%. Less than a year after our initial implementation, our liquor cost runs between 16-18%, and our total LBW cost remains between 24-25%. The software paid for itself after 3 months of weekly usage. When we got a new manager, I imagined that throwing a new guy into the equation and expecting him to maintain consistency would be a daunting task. But once we picked up Partender, the transition was seamless. The par levels remained, so we didn't have to guess on what to order each week. Our pour costs have remained the same with continued usage of Partender. I'll never do bar inventory without this software!"

Product highlights:

  • Fast inventory
  • Automated reports & purchase orders
  • Track usage & beverage cost
  • Calculate variance
  • Unlimited users
  • Free customer support

Explore a detailed case study on Partender, written and published entirely by Restaurant Startup & Growth magazine.

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